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We welcome the opportunity to answer any questions that you may have concerning our services.  The most commonly asked questions are noted below.

Q. I already have an advisor and a CPA who work with me on my finances. What do you provide that I do not already have?

A. Most people have various individuals working with them. We do not replace any of them, we are simply added to your team to help coordinate these professionals and to help integrate their products. Our job is not to replace anything, but to make improvements from a “big picture” viewpoint and maximize all your monetary options.

Q.  I have a retirement plan at work.  How can you help me?

A.   Perhaps you have not been told that you can make your plan perform better without changing the plan itself.  This requires an exit strategy that will help you to recover the taxes you will have to pay upon distribution.  We can show you how to reduce the tax bite by giving you an additional point of view of your retirement picture.